"I have been getting treatment from The Sports Care Centre for over 6 years now. As a distance runner, I am always pushing my body and inevitably it gets over the limits sometimes and injuries will set in. They have got me back on track from a range of injuries, ranging from the niggling shin pains, plantar fasciitis to the carrer ending ones like torn meniscus and the most recent one a stress injury on my left foot. The attention I have received and the state of the art technologies been utilized at the clinic itself just continues to amaze me.

A word of appreciation for the therapist there, particularly Alice and Joan, who always go the extra mile to give the patients the best treatment. They definitely are a great team with impressive knowledge and professionalism. I believe not only but everyone who's trying to get back the normal functionality after surgery or those facing common issues like chronic pains, muscle imbalance/losses and joint immobility."

  Fang Jianyoung 

  Singapore Marathoner