Alice Sng

Senior Physiotherapist, Director

Master (Sports) Physiotherapy (UQ, Aust)

Cert (Roctape Taping),Sg

Alice graduated in 2005. She started  working in Singapore General Hospital before going into private sector. She was in Singapore Sports Medicine Centre before she went for her Master's in Physiotherapy in the field of Sports in Queensland Univerisity in 2009. After returning, she started her own clinic, The Sports Care Centre.


She sees patients with various type of conditions which includes  sports injuries, post operative rehabilitation, common joint pains, neck and back pain from office work and also injuries prevention. She also see geriatric patients to help them to perform their daily functional activities better. 


She joined several marathons and vertical runs while taking back awards, knowledge and experiences to better understand her friends and patients prevent and recover from their injuries while doing what she likes to do.

Joan Tan

Rehab Therapist, Clinic Manager

Bsc (Physical Therapy), Phil

Cert (DMA Clinincal Pilates), Sg

Cert (EIM Clinincal Fitness Professional), Sg

Cert (Rocktape Taping), Sg

Joan earned her Bachelors Degree in Physical Therapy and passing the board examination in 2006. After getting her license, she initially trained and worked in the field of Behavioral Management as a Behavioral Therapist while being a Physical Therapist in a government hospital specialized in Neuro broadening her knowledge and experience before pursuing to be a Physical and Sports Therapist. Moving in Singapore, she was able to work and grow as a therapist in Singapore Sports Medicine Centre working with some of the most experienced and qualified Doctors and Physiotherapist. Being in the business for 11 years, she had experienced  treating some Brunei Royalties and National Athletes in fencing and athletics. Through many years of experience and continued medical education, she is able to help more patients in different field of sports.

She specialize in Sports Rehab incorporating Pilates and Myofascial Release for prevention and pre/post injury treatments.

Her interest is hiking and volleyball. Going to different places to explore nature is her way to maintain her health and fitness. 

Agnes Lee

Sports Therapist

PG Cert, (Clinincal Rehabilitation), Aus

BSc (Exercise and Sports Science), Aus

BBA (Hons), UK

Agnes graduated in 2007 and has been in the business for about 11 years, gaining more experiences to better herself. She has been working with us for 5 years contributing in our growing clinic.

She specialize in Exercise Rehab to help the patients recover and get back to sports.

Her interests are golf and running. She tries to squeeze in the sports she likes even if it is just once a week between her busy schedule as a therapist and a mom.

Sharon Khoo

Sports Therapist

BSc (Exercise and Sports Science)

Cert (EIM Clinincal Fitness Professional)

Sharon graduated in 2009 and has been in the business for more than 10 years. Through out her career she has been exposed with sports injuries and its physiological and bio mechanical changes in our body. 


With the advantage of being a Triathlete, she uses her own experience and knowledge in her training and competitions in helping patients to better themselves into their preferred sports.

Her interests include triathlons and water sports.


Jeslin Liao

PhysioYoga Instructor

200-Hours Yoga Teacher Training (Hatha/Ashtanga),

Tirisula Yoga, Yoga Vedanta Training Academy (RYS) 

Trained under Master Palau Ramasamy and Satya Chong Wei Ling

Jeslin completed her 200-Hours Yoga Teacher Training and started teaching in June 2018. She found peace in yoga while going through a difficult time back in 2013.


Jeslin firmly believes in building a strong foundation and functional practice. Her teaching style involves a lot of props usage and emphasizes on proper alignment and muscle engagement. Jeslin ensures to cultivate an atmosphere of acceptance and non-judgement in her classes creating a safe space for patients.


To get her cardio in, her interests include playing netball with her friends.